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Your words can change your life


Cliff Diving

Take the leap!

“As a songwriter and poet, I pay attention to words.” Annie McIntyre says, ” As a designer, I pay attention to detail. And, as a transformation coach, I pay attention to you. I help you become your most inhabited, integrated powerful self.”

Over the years Annie has trained with some incredibly talented teachers, deep personal transformations and learned remarkable skills that she will share with you. Many of you might not know that Annie has trained to be a personal coach and learned NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques. She has also co-designed a peer coaching system for women.

Are you ready to become your most integrated, powerful and happy self?

We will focus on your needs, wants, and desires.
If you’ve forgotten what they are, we will track them down together, define them, and design your life. We will also figure out what might be keeping you stuck.

Annie has created three new powerful programs and currently still has a few openings available!

Leap of Faith

In 8 personal sessions you can:
• Expand horizons
• Push your edge
• Step into your most powerful self
• Set into motion your life’s work
• Balance your relationships
• Deepen your self-knowledge
• Get unstuck and leap forward

If you are ready to embody yourself at a foundational level, say yes and do it!
Annie will be there to support you and hold you accountable.

The 8 sessions within 2 months, are each an hour long. You can meet either by Skype, phone or in person.
Prepay in full – $680
Payment plan – $100 per session

Feet to the Fire

• A month-long advanced mini-group for previous or pre-screened clients.
• A mighty goal, in a small amount of time.
• Three people max
• 1 hour per week + twice weekly peer accountability check-ins.

Moving Mountains

Movement propels people forward. One-on-one coaching combined with walking and or hiking with Annie.
Goals are often set more powerfully in both mind and body when movement and coaching are experienced simultaneously.

• Open horizons
• Find your edge
• Transform ideas into reality
• Refine the focus of your life’s work
• Discerning your relationships
• Trusting your intuition
• Get unstuck and leap forward

$85 per session

* Add one Moving Mountains session to either Leap Of Faith, or Feet to the Fire for a one time reduced rate of $45

Contact Annie
541 621-5096


Client Testimonials

‘Annie is a fantastic coach! She has an almost preternatural ability to help you cut through mental fog to see clearly obstacles that are tripping you up. She’s great at helping you discover or determine your vision then gracefully assists in goal setting. And she’s big on accountability and follow through! This woman is a dynamo and I couldn’t recommend her more.”  —Jeff Altemus, business owner

‘Annie is brilliant at uncovering the hurdles that keep us stuck in what we don’t want. Her laser like abilities allow her to quickly zero-in on the root of the issue and then facilitate a change that will excel you forward with lightening speed. Her supportive style and compassionate heart, lets you know that she’s “been there.” While her determined focus helps you get back on track and moving towards what you really want. I’ve accomplished more of my goals and cleared more hurdles with her help than any other coach. She’s one in a million!’  —Shanti Lobaugh, Ashland, OR

‘Annie, thank you for listening so very deeply and finding the words that my heart could not say. Your ability to see through a situation, describe it poetically and sometimes starkly, and ask pertinent questions allow me to access the wisest parts of myself. Being in the middle of a huge life transition and transformation means I need support! So happy you are on my team!’ —Denise Byron