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Annie McIntyre of McIntyre Interiors offers specialized custom design and consultation services in Ashland and throughout Southern Oregon, the San Francisco Bay Area and the greater Portland area.

Annie has more than 22 years of experience in interior design, architectural color consulting, design and construction facilitation, and ColorQuest personal color analysis.

Her love of interior design started as a child finding the right balance in bookshelves and suggesting building changes on both her parents’ job sites. Annie’s father was a contractor, so she grew up in and around construction and design, and Annie’s mother had a real appreciation for remodeling. Annie participated in building discussions and watched avidly as the houses she grew up in continued to change shape and color. Being immersed in construction at an early age helped Annie clearly see the architectural potential in any house or commercial space.

She specializes in helping people fully resonate with their home and business environments. “My intention,” Annie says, ”is to honor the architecture of the house and enhance its inhabitants’ experience of truly living in their space.”

Annie is also the singer and songwriter of the roots, rock & soul band, AnnieMac, and a co-founder of The Mistress Mind, a peer coaching system for women.

You can hear Annie’s music here: